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Art in the Parking Space at the Standard Hollywood

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  • Gabriele Stellbaum – Honest Lies

  • Theo Ligthart – How I Failed to Save the World

Art in the Parking Space, by Warren Neidich and Elena Bajo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 7:00–9:00 p.m with cocktail reception by Mezcal Del Maguey.
Admission: Free; no reservations required.
Location: The Standard Hotel, 8300 Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90069 Map

Art in the Parking Space, a year-long project by Warren Neidich and Elena Bajo, invites artists to create temporary and ephemeral artworks in parking spaces across Los Angeles. Each work reflects different environments and sets of cultural parameters that define the Los Angeles basin. Public and private spaces are occupied, from a large parking lot to a collector’s driveway. In celebration of the Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival, Art in the Parking Space will produce an event at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood.

Participating artists include: Ron Cooper, Sydney Cooper, Krysten Cunningham, Gracie Devito, Ania Diakoff, Tova Carlin and Katerina Llanes, Melissa Gordon, Nicoline van Harskamp, Mathilde ter Heine and Mathilde Rosier, Lindsay Lawson, Theo Ligthart, Johanna Reed with Marc Horowitz,  Georgia Sagri, Société Réaliste, Gabriele Stellbaum, Untitled Collective (Gerhard Schultz, Claudia Slanar, Gordon Toast, Seth Weiner and Sarah Williams), and Ruben Verdu.




Ron Cooper’s ritualistic and participatory performance in the parking lot, taps into the mythical past, retain the ancient mysteries and embrace the notion of Distillation, the great alchemical art of transformation – used in the search to understand the essence of existence and the transformation of human beings brought on by the imbibing of distilled agave spirit as a gift from the gods.


Sydney Cooper, drawing from personal memory, will perform a raking ceremony upon beds of glass beads poured onto several parking spaces to create several Japanese gardens in homage to her grandfather.


Krysten Cunningham works inside the fourth dimension as well in our own limited universe. For this event, she will extend and relocate her ongoing performative project 3’ to 4’, in which dancers in colored leotards create quasi-rituals in the California desert.  In the context of the parking garage at the Standard, her performers will use the parking spaces as areas to demarcate the limitations of the conditions of geometry and minimalism in order to destabilize those systems.


Artists Tova Carlin, Ania Diakoff, and Katerina Llanes will collaborate in a work entitled Sub-Standard in which a faux real room of the hotel is recreated, and enclosed social relations are re-enacted.


Gracie Devito performs the next rendition of Coolidge Night One, first performed at Perform! Now! in Los Angeles’ Chinatown in last summer. As the ringleader, Devito and her cohorts will convert her SUV into a 21st century music box, using the trunk space as a stage, performing a collection of songs and enacting a number of plays.


Melissa Gordon will present Theater of Pain, a boot sale of LABOUR, an independent publication. A work will be projected from within the car, depicting a performance of light and shadow, abstractly illustrating basic property law. By Melissa Gordon and Jessica Wiesner, featuring the voice of Marina Vishmidt.


The Dutch artist Nicoline van Harskamp’s piece entitled We willingly focus on what is important California, 2006, is a video in which its main character “Christopher” enthusiastically recites a 20-minute long statement. Dressed in a khaki outfit that resembles a service industry uniform or military uniform, his words are a compilation of so-called mission statements, found in promotional material from corporate, legal, political and other organizations in the United States. Contrary to advertising, these statements exclusively express an internal desire for improvement and perfection.


In Lindsay Lawson’s video Trio A, the artist learned what is perhaps Yvonne Rainer’s most widely recognized dance composition, reenacting it in front of the camera. The condition of the parking space, with its architectural designed for automobile movement, will provide a unique contrast for Lawson’s own bodily gestures.


The German artist Theo Lithgart’s memories of his single most significant act of personal generosity, in which he donated his favorite red car to an organization aiding children in foreign lands has laid the ground work for his installation— a version of his car is embodied by another muscle car which will be parked during the course of the event.


Johanna Reed with Marc Horowitz have invited friends and colleagues to the parking lot in order to break the world record of the maximum number of people who can fill a single parking space.


Société Réaliste will premiere their piece A place for everything in its place. The collective has created a system for parking cars based on car colors, a system they will convey to the parking attendants. In the end, their system will be superimposed upon the Standard’s exisiting layout, where cars are parked in parking spaces demarcated by the grid of painted white lines. 


Mathilde Rosier with Mathilde Ter Heyne will create a sacred space in one parking space. A clean, beautiful and bright cushion will display a letter. Visitors are invited to open the letter and read an undisclosed text, as they are simultaneously enveloped by an unidentified, atmospheric fragrance.


Georgia Sagri will use the parking lot as a stage in which the sound of motion—the clicking and purrs of car engines—are recorded and repeated to create a dance beat for the foundation of a poem, a song, and finally, a whole act.


Honest Lies, Gabriele Stellbaum’s video piece, reflects on the individual‘s sense of impotence against a totalitarian unnamed political system.  Set entirely in a dark, deserted parking space, Stellbaum’s filmic structure draws us into a winding Dantean underworld of thoughts, memories, fears, and imaginations of what is yet to come.

The LA based artist collective Untitled Collective have re-mapped the parking lot by superimposing the original floorplan of the Golden Crest Retirement Home, which predated the Standard. They will be giving guided tours during the event.

Ruben Verdu’s project is an adaption of Parricus, a drawing project, which consists of re-drawing the floor lines of the parking space according to changes in the Earth’s rotation.

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