Civic Statues Unfrozen for One Half Hour: Clothed Women and Unarmed Men

Civic Statues Unfrozen for One Half Hour: Clothed Women and Unarmed Men
16 recent short international videos presented as a diptych for Los Angeles.
This video diptych asks viewers to watch two videos at once.

Each side evolves at its own rate, always aware of its neighbor.

Over a turbulent half hour, the total sequence rides like a rollercoaster.

Please secure a half hour for the ride. Let them load and start at the same time.


Los Angeles residents are the program’s intended audience.

In general, the videos prod viewers to reconsider their public relations regarding personal display, gender, history and location.

First the pairs establish identities, then location and then interpersonal relations, which span from domination to indifference to vulnerability and care.

More specifically, the silent or low ambient videos investigate artists’ activities in the streets, while other videos with musical sound tracks likewise investigate creative use of public spaces. From quiet inquiries to over-the-top intensities, these works look at our communal activities from numerous angles, beholding the public conditions surrounding us:

Living sculpture – Swapping semiotics – Historical roots – Working simultaneously on desktop and in Dubai – Subway reveries – Surveillance overkill – Slo mo martyrdom – Digital graffiti – and Boarder guardian. The digital offers new endings: virtual and multiple yet simultaneous. You choose where we go from here.


The artists/works are:

(on left side)

Ivan Limas: At The Light of Dawn 5:04 (UK/USA)

Monica Duncan & Lara Odell: Living Pictures 5:48 (USA)

Natalya Dyu: On the Ground 7:14 (Kazakhstan/India)

Akosua Adoma Owusu: Revealing Roots 9:35 (USA/Ghana)

Claude Chuzel: Work 2:37 (France/Dubai)

Louis Hock: Feral 4:52 (USA/Mexico)

Sheldon Brown: Scalable City Trailer 4:04 (USA/Virtual Reality)


(on right side)

Stuart Pound: She’s Not There 2:26 (UK)

Karolina Sobecka: Dorsal Ventral Asymmetry 2:03 (USA/Poland)

Seoungho Cho: I Left My Silent House 9:33 (USA/Korea)

Eva Drangsholt: Icarus, A Yearning to Fly 2:27 (Norway)

Agnes Nedregard: Untitled (Suspended) 2:02 (Norway/Scotland)

Goran Boardy: Target Seeker 4:57 (Sweden)

Claudia Joskowicz: Drawn and Quartered 9:00 (Bolivia/USA)

Alex Stikich: Discurso 1:48 (USA/Venezuela)

Marco Montiel-Soto: La Sinfonia de la Calle 4:38 (Spain)

Note: Permission was granted by the artists to show this diptych on the K-PST web site.