Julie Lazar, Executive Producer and Curator
Sally Widdowson, Associate Producer
Sarah Simon, Assistant Producer
David Warren, Production Manager, RE:COMPOSITION
Sirima Sataman, Communications Associate
Anne Bray, Production Associate, Los Angeles
Ian Paul, Website Designer/Builder
Jackie von Treskow, USC Intern Manager, Research Reporter
Gladys-Katherina Hernando, Research Reporter
Emily Wilkerson, Research Reporter

KPST Associates

Getty Center
Glenn R. Phillips, Senior Project Specialist and Consulting Curator, Department of Contemporary Public Programs and Research, Getty Research Institute
Gloria Gerace, Managing Director, Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945 – 1980
Kris Kuramitsu, Production Manager, Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival

Lauri Firstenberg, Director/Curator
Nora Kerrian, Director of Donor Relations

Kenneth Rogers, Board President
Anne Bray, Executive Director

Southern Exposure
Courtney Fink, Executive Director
Valerie Imus, Exhibitions Program Manager
Morgan Peirce, Communications Manager
Mike Lai, Technical Coordinator

Southern California Institute of Architecture
Ming Fong, Director of Academic Affairs
Christopher Banks, Finance Director
Wendy Heldmann, Public Programs Coordinator
Reza Monahan, Technical Coordinator

Montalvo Arts Center
Kelly Sicat, Director, Lucas Artists Residency Program
Donna Conwell, Associate Curator
Julie Thorne, Manager, Lucas Artists Residency Program

Japanese American Community and Cultural Center
Hirokazu Kosaka, Artistic Director
Walter Morita, Director of Operations
Carolyn Onaga, Administrative Services Manager
Gavin Kelley, Program Associate